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I spend a fair bit of my time sitting on a bike. It's a nice way to get around, good for the environment, my health, congestion, good for all sorts of things. And I like riding bikes.
If I'm driving somewhere in the car I don't talk to people in other cars - at least not in a polite voice.
If I'm on the tram or train I don't talk to other passengers. That'd be weird.
But on the bike I regularly find myself chatting to the person next to me, perhaps as we ride along, maybe at the lights. In my experience, bike riders tend to be nice folks.
One morning, on the way to work I struck up a conversation with the bloke next to me at the traffic lights - he was riding a fold-up bike, that I later found out was a Brompton (and I somehow managed to buy one too). He explained that he travelled a lot, but as the bike folded he was able to take it with him, so he had a bike wherever he went. Clever.
The light changed and we went our separate ways. It wasn't until a few hours later that I worked out who I'd been talking to.
The Blue Wiggle Project is my attempt to document bike riders, regardless of the type of bike, or why they're using it. Because most bike riders are nice folks.